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2015 Featured Local Charity: Without Regrets Foundation

Without Regrets Foundation provides gravely ill parents and their minor children with memorable family experiences. This special time together creates memories that will last forever.


Your support and donations go towards creating truly meaningful memories for these families during this difficult time. These “experiences,” no matter how big or small; showing their children where they grew up, seeing the ocean, witnessing snow, attending a concert, cheering on a favorite team at a sporting event or simply taking family portraits, will bring peace to parents worried about leaving their children behind and will always stay with the children as a reminder of their parent.

How you can make a difference:
For the past three years, Without Regrets has brought a team of runners and walkers to the Austin 10/20. They fundraise and train together and race day is a celebration of all their hard work. Please consider supporting this special organization by joining the Running Without Regrets team. If you’re not a runner, you can still make a difference by giving a direct donation to Without Regrets or by volunteering at their water station on race day. To learn more about fundraising with their running team or volunteering, email or visit their website
“This year was just hard. All we’ve seen is so much sadness, but there’s so much good out there. These organizations like Without Regrets. You don’t give them a second thought, until they change your life.”
~Lynelle Keil

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