Our Bands

We couldn’t have a rockin’ event without all of our awesome bands! Special thanks to everyone that performed at the 2015 Austin 10/20! We’ll be announcing our 2016 bands in November/December.

2015 Austin 10/20 Headliner Band:

Get ready to rock out to Black Pistol Fire on race day! The Canadian Rock and Roll duo split’s time between Toronto, Ontario and Austin, Texas. Their wild and energetic rock-and-roll sound has been described as a mix of classic southern rock and garage punk, garnering comparisons to early Kings of Leon, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Black Keys, and Clutch. It’s clear that the band’s sound spans many different eras and sub-genres, relying on a classic rock and roll sound that has been updated for our modern times.

The band has seen their music used in television shows such as 90210, Hawaii 5-0, Suits, Sons of Anarchy and The Protector as well as being featured in ads for Pepsi Canada, Braun and T Mobile. They have toured throughout North America as well as completing a successful European tour in the fall of 2011.

Black Pistol Fire features Kevin McKeown on Guitar/Lead Vocals and Eric Owen on Drums. The two have been friends since kindergarten and began playing music together when they discovered a shared passion for rock and roll music in high school. After playing together in another band, McKeown and Owen packed up their instruments and bag clothes and headed south for a change of scenery. They settled in Austin, TX in 2009 and have been playing music at local hot spots and festivals including SXSW and ACL in 2014!

Black Pistol Fire will take the Main Stage at 10:45 on race day following the completion of the 10/20 Championship Award ceremony. You can listen to them ahead of time here!

2015 Course Bands

Here is a line up of the bands that will be lining the course as you run or walk the Austin 10/20. Take a look and listen before race day!

Stage 1/20

Black Heart Saints:
Black Heart Saints conjures up colossal rock riffs & bombastic beats with a 21st century flare! With an organic rock sound founded upon an explosive stage show, Black Heart Saints surrounds audiences with unapologetic, loud, aggressive rock that begs to be experienced live. The mission is clear, and the sound is electric. Winning over fans with crowd-engaging performances, Black Heart Saints’ path to success has started with dominating the musical landscape of Texas through extensive touring, while expanding beyond into a fledgling national act. Listen to Black Heart Saints here.

Stage 2

Shadow of Whales:
Shadow Of Whales is an alternative indie-pop band from Austin, Texas with a passion for creating music and spreading hope through friendships. Fronting the group is Joshua Flores (Invisible Target), his brother Caleb on drums, Chris Fraga on lead guitar, Jeremy Boyum on bass guitar, and JD Vazquez on keys/glockenspiel. What makes this band truly unique is the experience that all of them have had in aggressively seeking careers in music with their previous bands. They are all songwriters, they all love music, and more importantly, they all love people. Listen to Shadow of Whales here.

Stage 3

Ducado VeGA:
With a goal to be a part of music history and a will to win, Ducado VeGA and Zenya V. are on a quest to show the world that they are certifiable game changers. Steeped in Sly Stone Funk and Jimi Hendrix styled rock, this team is a musical juggernaut. On stage the duo share singing duties and swap playing multiple instruments the entire performance. The goal is to give the audience a never before seen Live experience. What you get from the stage is a unique blend of Funk, Rock, Soul, Hip-Hop and Pop. They have coined the phrase Slasher Pop as the description of their musical style. The intent is crystal clear, rule the day and make history! Listen to Ducado VeGA here.

Stage 4

Grohl pays homage to all things related to Dave Grohl including the radio friendly hits from the Foo Fighters and Nirvana. This 5 piece tribute hails from Dallas, TX. The long running band is comprised of Kelly Mader on vocals and guitar, Sean McAloon a multi-instrumentalist playing lead guitar, Rudy Micallef holding down rhythm guitar, Haley Frizzell rumbling the bass and Cindy Walker, an accomplished drummer and human metronome. Grohl was formed from musicians that found passion while playing Foo Fighters songs and who had a pay it forward attitude towards Rock and Grohl! Listen to Grohl here.

Stage 5

Tiarra Girls:
Tiarra Girls are a sister band who perform multiple instruments and are songwriters. They perform music from many Genre’s. They have been archived in the Austin History Center as The Youngest Latina Band in Austin, Texas. Listen to Tiarra Girls here.

Stage 6

Jimmy Willden:
Jimmy Willden, award-winning writer, filmmaker and songwriter, returns after a six-year hiatus with his brand new CD, “Melodies of the Aftermath – THE EP!”. The theme of the entire CD focuses on the downward spiral and ultimate personal redemptions of losing yourself in the face of love. Currently, Jimmy Willden, armed with his new live band [Jimmy Willden Band], is excited about bringing these songs to life on stage. A regional tour is already in the works but Jimmy plans to tour nationwide and eventually hit the international stage, so be ready! The hiatus is over, and JWB will be playing in a city near you soon! Listen to Jimmy Willden here.

Stage 7

John Garza Band:
John Garza Band is a project put together by Grammy Winner John Garza for Charitable and community events. JGB music is free for all fans through our Mobile app available for iPhone or ANDROID, with the exception of Songs of Love (available on iTunes) where all money goes towards the Songs of Love foundation that produces custom made songs for children facing tough medical situations. Listen to the John Garza Band here.

Stage 8

Kat Whitlock:
Kat Whitlock is an Austin based singer/songwriter & front woman for two Austin bands. As a front woman Kat is energetic and sassy all while delivering emotion packed, spot on vocals. Her original music is a culmination of meshing the many sub-genres of rock, a dash of blues and is heavily influenced by the atmosphere that is Austin, TX. Listen to Kat Whitlock here.
Stage 9

Skyler Lutes:
Skyler Lutes is a 26yr singer/songwriter/producer from Ocean Beach, California. When Skyler is not on stage or writing new songs he is known for helping musician’s with recordings in his studio in Sunset Cliffs, CA. Listen to Skyler Lutes here.

Stage 10

Rain on the Aftermath:
Rain on the Aftermath is a rock band from South Texas. Since 2011 they have opened for national touring acts like Flyleaf, Tantric and Trapt while performing all over the state. They released their debut album in 2013. Listen to Rain on the Aftermath here.

Stage 11

Piqued Jacks:
Piqued Jacks describe their sound in their own words: “being able to speak without impediment; having sex in the most intense way possible; expressing ourselves 100%”. You have to hear it to experience it for yourself. Piqued Jacks are brave souls. Raised in a small village in Italy, they have methodically made their way from obscurity to Austin, Texas, the heart of the indie music scene. Their powerful alliance and headstrong vision has resulted in rapid success and the positive flow of their career indicates a confident band gaining serious momentum. Their conviction is stronger and stronger and their genuine camaraderie is highly palpable in their live show; they know the strength of their sound and the endurance of their brand was born from their powerful friendship. Listen to Piqued Jacks here.

Stage 12

Groove Think:
Groove Think is an innovative progressive rock trio based in Austin, TX that fuses elements of progressive rock with funk, jazz, and groove. They put on an energetic live performance that will make your head bang and set your feet to dancing! Groove Think is currently working on their 1st full length, concept album, entitled “Intellect,” which is inspired by the works of The Mars Volta, Dream Theater, and Porcupine Tree. Their most recent release was in August of 2013 with a live album entitled “Groove Think on Local Live.” Groove Think is served best on the rocks and will gladly accompany you to far out spaces! Listen to Groove Think here.

Stage 13

Late Friday:
Five musicians brought together through their classical training. Five artists finding synergy through their individuality. Five strangers who came to be a family. Late Friday formed in 2012 while studying at Six Strings Music Academy and is making their mark across Texas… Listen to Late Friday here.

Stage 14

One Resistance:
One Resistance is three talented and passionate veteran musicians who have united to become an exciting musical presence on the Austin area scene. With a sound that strikes an adept balance between classic and alternative rock’n’roll as well as hard electric and propulsive acoustic, the band boasts songs that speak to the lives, emotions and experiences of listeners, and play dynamic live performances that engage and delight audiences. Bringing their own new potency, subtleties and creative innovations to the power trio rock band form, the group has won a steadily growing following in the competitive Live Music Capital of the! Listen to One Resistance here.

Stage 15

Justin Black & Big Heart:
What happens when you have an artist who has battled throat cancer, a removed lung and was told countless times he may never sing again? The answer: Passion, determination and conviction. Now team him up with an explosive band and you end up with something real, something epic, something that could start self revolutions and inspire hope in people everywhere. Justin Black & Big Heart believe the purpose of music is to stimulate your mind, heart and soul. JB&BH are poised to bring life back to American Rock & Roll, and with a story like this and the songs to match he is here to make positives out of negatives with a sound that is worthy of your attention. Listen to Jack Black and Big Hearts here.

Stage 16

The Vantage:
The Vantage made their live debut in Austin, Texas 2013 during the annual SXSW Festival. Performing alongside budding acts, American Authors & the Mowglis, The Vantage fired back with their single “On My Way”, which quickly picked up buzz online, garnering over 350K plays to date and leading to placements with ABC Family, MTV Networks and LinkedIN. By July 2014 the band released a second EP titled “Colorblind” alongside a performance on Alcatraz Island with bands Cali Rockers and Young the Giant. They spent the rest of their summer playing at various Austin staples and writing. With 2015 on the horizon, The Vantage are ready to expand their reach with their new single “Place In the Water” due out on February 17th. Stay tuned for more… Listen to the Vantage here.

Stage 17

Residue is a modern, alternative rock band out of Austin, TX. The band is currently comprised of Josh Fontenot (drums), Corey Trahan (guitar/vocals), Donavon Cavanaugh (guitar) and John Bock (bass). The band was formed in 2010 and has consistently toured Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi as a regional act. During this time, Residue has played with numerous national acts, including Adema, Powerman 5000, Hurt, Papa Roach, etc. The band is currently endorsed by DirtBag Apparel. Listen to Residue here.

Stage 18

Blue Diamonds:
Originally conceived in 2001 as an 18-piece jazz big band, the Blue Diamonds have morphed over the years to their current 8 member format which focuses more on funk, R&B, Latin and classic rock. The Blue Diamonds are able to bring a wide range of music which is enjoyed by both those who want to fill a dance floor as well as those who prefer to sit back and “listen to the music”. Listen to Blue Diamonds here.

Stage 19

Promethius Tree:
“If you’ve got that jelly, put it in your soul”
In 2012, Haymakers Laboratory closed its doors. Three voluntarily displaced lab partners (Matt Raines, Mike Morin and Shane Johansen) recruited a vibrant fourth (Tyler Olfers) to open a brand new foundry in Austin, Texas. Prometheus Tree began working in its low-tech lab on a photosynthetic concoction that they have branded as “Funk Jelly.”* The foursome has scoured the earth; collecting ingredients they feel will enhance the final product. The formula is constantly being tweaked. However, in the interest of full-disclosure and due to the simplicity of reverse engineering, the ingredients will be listed as follows, in no particular order: non genetically-modified rock, organically grown reggae, derivatives of jazz, hand-harvested funk, small-batch blues, heirloom doom and a constantly revolving variety of other ingredients which are progressively blended together with a gluten-free, groovy glaze of psychedelia. Funk Jelly will lubricate your mind, limbs and relax your body while increasing serotonin levels in the brain. Side effects may include: involuntary locomotion, head-bobbing and the urge to say things like “maaaaan.” Look for Prometheus Tree’s Funk Jelly online, or for greatest effect please view a live demonstration, maaaaan. Listen to Prometheus Tree here.