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2014 Austin 10/20 Headliner Band:

Runners and walkers get ready to celebrate the finish of the 2014 Austin 1020 on April 13 by partying at the Finish Line Concert where Puddle of Mudd will headline the show.

Singer and guitarist Wes Scantlin formed Puddle of Mudd in 1992 with a group of musicians in Kansas City, Missouri. The band came up with their name after severe flooding turned the entire first floor of their rehearsal space, which was located next to the Missouri River, into one big puddle of mud.

The band locally released albums in 1994 and again in 1997. Their big break didn’t come until 2001 though, when they released the single “Control” from their first major album Come Clean. In 2002 Puddle of Mudd released their next single, “Blurry,” which soared to number one on Billboard’s Modern Rock chart.

Puddle of Mudd has won four Billboard Awards including Rock Artist of the Year and Rock Track of the Year. Fourteen of their songs (from four different albums) have made the top 50 U.S Mainstream Rock Tracks. “She Hates Me,” “Drift and Die,” “Away from Me,” and “Psycho” all made it to #1 on the chart in addition to “Blurry.”

Currently the band is made up of Scantlin, Doug Ardito (bass guitar/backing vocals), Christian Stone (guitar/backing vocals), Shannon Boone (drums) and Adam Latiff (guitar/backing vocals).

Puddle of Mudd will take the Main Stage at 10:45 AM on race morning following the completion of the Austin 1020 Champion Awards Ceremony.


2014 Course Bands

Here is a line up of the bands that will be lining the course as you run or walk the Austin 1020. Take a look and listen before race day!

Stage 1

Black Top Mojo:
Black Top Mojo is a Southern Rock band from Palestine, Texas that merges hard, gritty rock with a powerful mix of soulful and blues influences for an original sound that deviates from the norm of the genre…Listen to Black Top Mojo here.
Stage 2

Griffin Tucker:
Whether you’re 6 or 60 you’re gonna love this rockin’ 12 yr old Texan. He’s got that “certain something” in spades! And he can do it all – sing, play guitar, bass, piano, drums better than most people twice his age. Listen to Griffin Tucker here.
Stage 3/14

Dallas hard rock band Pulse has catchy hooks,melodic vocals & powerful rhythms. Since its creation in mid 2011, Pulse has gained momentum through opening for acts like Trapt, Candlelight Red, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Hurt, Smile Empty Soul, The Dreaming, & more.  They have carved out a nitch for themselves as local heavy hitters. Recently the band signed with Full Effect Records & is in the process of releasing their first album worldwide. Once exposed to a Pulse live show, fans become loyal followers & supporters! Listen to Pulse here.
Stage 4

Shadow of Whales:
Shadow Of Whales is an alternative indie-pop band from Austin,Texas with a passion for creating music and spreading hope through friendships. Fronting the group is Joshua Flores (Invisible Target), his brother Caleb on drums, Chris Fraga on lead guitar, Jeremy Boyum on bass guitar, and JD Vazquez on keys/glockenspiel. What makes this band truly unique is the experience that all of them have had in aggressively seeking careers in music with their previous bands. They are all songwriters, they all love music, and more importantly, they all love people. Listen to Shadow of Whales here.
Stage 5

Sleepwalker is a punk influenced, pop/rock band originally from Tempe, AZ. Current members include Brian Blevins (Vocals), Michael Gessert (Guitar/Vocals), and Joseph Gerhard (Bass/Vocals). Their music is brimming with chunky guitar riffs, catchy vocal hooks, dynamic lows, and explosive highs–all aimed at getting masses of sweat-soaked bodies singing and dancing along to one underlying message: Live a loud, wild, passionate life full of mistakes but zero regrets. Listen to Sleepwalker here.
Stage 6

The Ones You Loved:
The Ones You Loved is the Indietronic Rock love child of a married couple from Dallas, Tx. In January of 2010 they released their first, full length, fourteen track album “The Siren, The Spectre.” The Southwest Music Review compared that album to that of My Chemical Romance’s “Black Parade” saying it is “One of the best musically inclined rock albums to date.”  Their second full length album Night Owls was released on October 20, 2012 to commemorate Tyler and Camille’s first year of marriage. With the release of “Night Owls” they have decided to continue donating 70% of the incoming revenue from their first album “The Siren, The Spectre” directly to St. Judes Childrens Hospital in the hopes that their music will help others. Listen to The Ones You Loved here.
Stage 7

Me, the Hero?
Take 5 talented musicians with backgounds spanning the gamut from Punk Rock, Lation, Metal & Country, throw them in a band together and what do you get? The pure rock alternative that is Me, the Hero? Listen to Me, the Hero? here.
Stage 8

The Colin Huntley Band:
Colin Huntley is an emerging singer/songwriter and guitarist based in Austin, TX. His original songs are influenced by and reminiscent of younger versions of singer/songwriters John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Gavin DeGraw and Ed Sheeran. Colin formed his band in 2012 for expanded live performance options. Band members include drummer Riley Stokes, bassist/vocalist Hunter Howell and keyboardist Ryan Thiele. The band performs all around the Central Texas area having already been invited to open for diverse artists such as Blue October, Curtis Grimes and the Bellamy Brothers. Live sets range from hard driving acoustic pop and pop/country songs to electric guitar driven rocking blues arrangements. Listen to The Colin Huntley Band here.
Stage 9

North Til Dawn:
North Til Dawn is an American hard rock band from Houston, Texas and was formed in February of 2013. The band consists of vocalist Blake McCulloch, guitarists Zack Jones and Curt Smith, bassist Shawn Bartlett and drummer Matt Smith. A compass rose, often featuring a globe and sunrise, symbolically represents the band’s name. Listen to North Til Dawn here.
Stage 10

Seek Irony:
Seek Irony is an established Modern Rock group with a unique sound combining Modern Rock and Electronica Dance music. Best described by its fans as a mix between a full on live rock show and a massive rave dance party. Rising out of the burgeoning music scene of Tel Aviv, Israel, and recently after taking the big plunge over the Atlantic Ocean with full relocation to their new home base in Austin, TX, USA, Seek Irony are poised to become among the first Middle Easterners to bring their U.S. influenced brand of rock and roll to the rest of the world. Listen to Seek Irony here.
Stage 11

Two parts hard rock, one part alternative with a splash of southern rock, shaken not stirred! Rainchild hails from Houston TX, consisting of four members with the raw and uncompromising drive to create music from the underbelly of ill emotions, vises and hurt. Rainchild has shared the stage with numerous National acts such as Hinder, Filter, Days of the New, Lynch Mob, Earshot and many others. The band won rock band of the year from Houston’s Radio station 94.5 The Buzz in 2012 and Vocalist of the year in 2011. Rainchild is also involved with charity organizations, Homes for our Troops, Cherish our Children International, Rock for Warriors, Houston Food Bank and more! Listen to Rainchild here.
Stage 12

Cize is a rock singer/song writer whose intense vision and passionate voice evokes a blend of Soundgarden, Cold play, U2, and southern rock.  His hauntingly powerful vocals and thoughtful song writing resonate with soul in his 2013 debut release, “Out of the Dark”. Listen to Cize here.
Stage 13

Blue Diamonds: Originally conceived in 2001 as an 18-piece jazz big band, The Blue Diamonds have morphed over the years to their current 8 member format which focuses more on funk, R&B, Latin, and classic rock. The Blue Diamonds are able to bring a wide range of music which is enjoyed by both those who want to fill a dance floor as well as those who prefer to sit back and “listen to the music”. Listen to The Blue Diamonds here.
Stage 15

Tory Tompkins
Soaring passionate vocals and catchy melodies are signatures of Houston based singer/songwriter Tory Tompkins. The singer, guitarist and pianist is known for her surprisingly mature musicianship and seamless merging of Americana, Country and Southern Rock genres. Tory has garnered international attention from the online community with hundreds of thousands of views on her Youtube videos. Listen to Tory Tompkins here.
Stage 16

The Artillery:
The Artillery is a Alternative-Rock band forged just outside of Austin, TX, in a town called Round Rock. With catchy melodies, driving guitars, and a killer rhythm section, The Artillery is sure to keep your fists pumping, and your head bobbing. They have an E.P. (‘Fear Is In’), and a newly release album entitled ‘Kings of the World’. Artillery has played together since their Freshman year in High School. Even though TA is young, their music has created a big name for themselves. Listen to The Artillery here.
Stage 17

The Cover Letter:
Thousands of miles traveled and countless individual elements contributed to the formation of The Cover Letter. However, the origin of this group can be tracked to three distinct moments of fate leading the musicians to find their calling as The Cover Letter. Their music, in respect to the styles and influences, is its own. The Cover Letter has found its place in the musicians’ world. Listen to The Cover Letter here.
Stage 18

Hitting Subset:
An eclectic, alternative punk band comprised of four members from different bands and various backgrounds, Hitting Subset is the band you always wanted. With influences rooted in nearly every genre of rock, each member brings their own special flavor to this boiling pot of angst and awesomeness. If this music doesn’t excite your soul then you are barely alive. Listen to Hitting Subset here.
Stage 19

Something Called Nothing:
Something Called Nothing an all original Austin TX band with a fresh rockabilly swing punk sound.Listen to Something Called Nothing here.
Stage 20

Ducado VeGA:
With a goal to be a part of music history and a will to win Ducado VeGA & Zenya Vi are on a quest to show the world that they are certifiable game changers. Steeped in Sly Stone Funk and Jimi Hendrix styled rock this team is a musical juggernaut. With influences like Prince, The White Stripes, Evanescence, James Brown and Led Zeppelin the intent is crystal clear, rule the day and make history. A fiery stage show, dynamic live presence and a desire to be the total entertainment experience is one of the driving forces behind this duo. Listen to Ducado VeGA here.